Recommended Reading

I’ve got a list of books for truly everyone. Click on one of the links below to check out some of the genres I’ve been perusing lately.

Brainy Books that Will Blow Your Mind

My favourite books that I read in 2018.

A post about the books we need to read lest we forget.

Better late than never- here are my favorites from 2017.

Ok, I admit it: sometimes I secretly still think I’m a teenager.

All the possibilities presented by adaptations of Pride and Prejudice.

Proof that Good Books Can Make Great Movies


Great Readers Make Great Writers

What’s on My Cookbook Shelf, Second Edition

Décor Books to Die For

Romantic Reads that will Melt Your Heart

Fabulous Reads for the Single Girl

kbb-geriatric-sensations-1Good Laughs with Geriatric Sensations

kbb-read-at-your-own-riskRead at Your Own Risk

KBB_kids_booksKids Books to Read All Over Again

KBB-high-schoolRequired Reading

KBB-graphic-novelsGraphic Novels for Beginners

KBB-cookbook-shelfWhat’s on My Cookbook Shelf

KBB_secret_garden_of_readingA Secret Garden of Reading

KBwB-PageBreak-125For more reading inspiration, check out my Goodreads page.