Lifestyle Solutions

Here are some of the practices I’ve put into place to cultivate a lifestyle meaningful to me:

Everything you need for a safe vacation.

Make getting dressed for work easier.

All the things for back-to-school.

Staycation? No sweat.

The things I wish I’d done to survive studying in school.

My advice to new college students (or those just those looking for a new start).


My favorite way to collect and reference all that inspires me.

KBB_along_the_shoreYet another list. This time it’s all about summer fun.

KBB_clutchesIn which I kick this weird wardrobe habit.

KBB_storing_summer_shoes_1How I clean and store my beloved summer sandals.

KBB_mess_of_clothesThat post where I freaked out and cleaned out my closet.