Winter 2017 Reading List


Will you guys let me get a little patriotic here? As I’m hunkering down for another long, cold, Canadian winter I can’t help but reflect on how fortunate I am to have been born and raised in a country that boasts so many great writers. We’ll start with the Margarets- Atwood and Laurence- and then there’s Emma Donaghue, Carol Shields, Richard B. Wright, Mordecai Richler, Timothy Findley, L.M Montgomery, Heather O’Neill, Steven Galloway, Douglas Coupland, Andrew Pyper, Pierre Berton, Michael Odaatje, Yann Martel, Miriam Toews, Anne Fortier, Leonard Cohen and Claire Cameron.

Oh, and don’t forget my homegirl Alice Munro. (She and I share a birthday!)

And if you thought that list was exhaustive, it turns out I found five more books on my bookshelf that I have yet to read. Yep, they’re all by Canadian authors too.

  1. Late Nights on Air by Elizabeth Hay
  2. The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill
  3. The Winter Vault by Anne Michaels
  4. The Best Laid Plans by Terry Fallis
  5. The Virgin Cure by Ami McKay

So pardon me if I happen to think that Canada is a great place to live for a reader like me. If you’re looking for a little taste of Canada, I highly suggest you check out one of the titles (or authors) above. It’s a lot better than a visit at this time of year! (Unless, of course, cold weather is your thing.)


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